Maximizing the Brand Value in Asia & China

Itochu has initiated Brand Marketing business model in Japan and it has been very successful to increase its value and
got a lot of creditability from many Global Brands.

IPA’s Brand Marketing team is also well talented and maximizing the Brand value in Asia & China with making full use of
ITOCHU network and know-how in various way such as distribution, licensing, E-commerce, IP-trade, Retailing,  and strategic investing .

We are supporting potential Brands to go into Asia/China market. Now a day more opportunities are in between China and Asia, and Inter-Asia with utilizing E-commerce.


ITOCHU always handle about 150 brands all over the world.


ITOCHU has more than
30 years of experience
in Brand marketing business.

Managing Brands + Supply chain

Furthermore, as one of the advantage of Brand team in Asia, we can offer product supply chain additionally by utilizing
the rich resources of IPA.  Especially for soft bag, we proudly produce 3million pieces per year. In order to assure high level of quality
to maintain the Brand image and to produce unique products matched with local taste, we are supporting from development to quality control by our Japanese technicians. As a professional Brand management team, we are taking up the responsibility
in developing branding business in Asia.

Brand management

Online & Offline network

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