Raw Material

Experience in the global textile raw material trading field for more than 50 years

Textile Raw Material business is one of the most powerful segment of ITOCHU with our global network around 30 bases. IPA is the Key station for trilateral  trade & development.


ITOCHU deals enormous
amount of textile
fiber/yarns approximately
100,000 tons per year
as a hub of global market.


Under ITOCHU Group,
IPA works with around
30 bases all over the world.
The global network is the key
for running IPA’s textile material
business rapidly and effectively.


IPA has been working in the raw
material field for more than 50 years.
Utilizing accumulated know-how and
experience, IPA have been building
successful businesses with
our partners for mutual growth.

To provide various materials client needs
and tailor-made services

We provide various type of textile raw material, such as from staple fibers, filaments, and spun yarn
in cotton, synthetics, wool, viscose etc.

Now are days, ITOCHU/IPA are spending a lot of effort for developing Eco-friendly fibers and Special functional materials as ITOCHU’s original such as One Cotton™ (Organic Cotton), Ice Cotton™ and Merino Optimo™, and various Recycled fibers.

Link to Itorium: http://www.ito-rium.com/

Furthermore, we are offering comprehensive proposals such as special-spinning, dyeing yarn arrangement, and also even logistics and financing in order to provide optimal value to our customers.