Message of Managing Director

“Realization of a Value Chain starting with Raw Materials to Brand Marketing and Digitalized Retails Operations” in ASIA

We are pursuing “Reinvention of Business” with an aim to upgrade our operations leveraging the strengths of existing businesses.

With the history of more than 160 years of ITOCHU Corporation’s textile business, we have a value chain with raw materials as the starting point – centering on environmentally-friendly materials, trading of yarn and fabric, garment production, brand marketing and digitalized retails operations

Through our value chain, we create and provide a one-stop supply system for our partners around the world.

In the world under the situation with COVID-19, I believe that we have 3 keys for success:
• Adaptability
• Digitalization
• Strength (Solid Financial Position)

We are facing a big change under COVID-19 world.
Let’s strive to create a NEW world together.


MORITA Hiroshi
Managing Director
ITOCHU Textile Prominent (Asia) Ltd