Message of Managing Director

Trading + Branding + Investment + Network = SOGO SHOSHA

We have been evolving our business model from trading yarn/fabric, to garment production,
Brand marketing, and Investment, in order to provide a “one stop solution” to all of our stake holders.
This is based on our strong “Network” which has been accumulated over the years with our effort.
Especially, our off-line network with Real world cannot compare with others.
These all can be done because we are global conglomerate trading company
(so called as SOGO SHOSHA), and also we have been challenging to evolve ourselves.

And now, SOGO SHOSHA + Digitalization = ?

As IPA, our mission is to offer “Customized VALUEs” to global apparel industry.
Luckily, we are in the center location between Asia and China where we can expect
the most powerful economic growth, even under “One Belt One Road” Policy of China.
But our biggest challenge ever is here —- Digitalization is changing the world at ultra-high speed.
Now we must think and move forward to the new era.
We are very excited what can be happened with SOGO SHOSHA + Digitalization.

We, All of us at IPA, swear to dedicate to our customers, with our motto,
Think new,
Move fast,
Strive for Better

Hiroyuki AKAHORI
Managing Director
ITOCHU Textile Prominent (Asia) Ltd